Town of Fenwick Island


Community Involvement:

Individuals serving on Boards, Commissions, and Committees play an important role in advising the Town Council on matters of interest to our community and its future. The Town of Fenwick Island welcomes community members with the spirit of volunteerism, where citizens contribute their time and talents for the common good to build a strong and vibrant community.

Appointments are made in October each year by the Mayor and up-to-date membership rosters including new appointments, vacancies, meeting calendar, agendas and minutes are published routinely to the website.

Here is the list of the Committees for October 2023- October 2024: Committee List 2023-2024

Committees & Boards:

Audit, Beach, Budget & Finance, Building Review, Business, Charter & Ordinance, Dredging, Emergency Mgmt., Environmental, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Residential Concerns, Pedestrian Safety, Board of Adjustments, Board of Elections, and Planning Commission.

The committees, chairs and a short description of the committee’s mission are below:

  • Audit (Bill Rymer)—assists in the yearly audit of the Town’s finances.
  • Beach Committee (Jacque Napolitano)—plans beach related activities such as Fenwick Freeze and Annual Town Bonfire. Also plans enhancements to the beach area.
  • Board of Adjustments (Marlene Quinn)—considers requests for variances of ordinances.
  • Board of Elections (Colleen Wilson)—oversees the election process in Fenwick Island.
  • Budget and Finance (Bill Rymer)—creates budget and provides financial guidance for the Town.
  • Building Review (Richard Benn)—reviews and approves commercial property building permits.
  • Business Committee (Kurt Zanelotti)-engages business community to sustain and enhance a vibrant business district.
  • Charter & Ordinance (Natalie Magdeburger)—reviews and recommends ordinances to maintain family-friendly community.
  • Dredging (Bill Rymer)—working on beginning dredging of Fenwick channels.
  • Emergency Management (Natalie Magdeburger)—implements emergency management planning and oversees the Town’s response to storms and other emergency events.
  • Environmental Committee (Susan Brennan and Colleen Wilson)— developing new park, Monarch Butterfly Way Station, organizes Earth Day and keeps the Town informed of important developments related to the proposed Wind Farms or other environmental issues.
  • Information Technology (Lisa Lange)—developing design for new website and creating document management system along with providing IT guidance for the Town.
  • Infrastructure (Richard Benn)—oversees street maintenance, bayside flooding mitigation and resiliency planning. Those with engineering backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Pedestrian Safety (Ed Bishop)—will work toward implementing the goals and initiatives set forth in the “Safe Streets for All” chapter of the 2023 Comprehensive Plan including collaborating with DelDOT to obtain sidewalks in the remainder of Fenwick, re-imagining Coastal Highway and working toward enhancing crosswalk safety.
  • Planning Commission (Susan Brennan)—finished developing Ten Year Comprehensive plan and will be overseeing the implementation of the goals identified in the plan.
  • Residential Concerns (Janice Bortner)—focuses on being a forum for residential concerns to ensure Fenwick remains a quiet, family-oriented community.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Provide a valuable link to the community and to the various interests that make up the community
  • Assist in the development of policy recommendations to the Town Council
  • Provide leadership and support to Town staff
  • Promote the Town and its programs
  • Provide expertise in specialized areas

Applying for Membership:

The Town administrative office accepts applications for any Board, Commission or Committee at any time, and the application stays active for one year from the date of receipt. Applicants must be a property owner of The Town of Fenwick Island.

If you are interested in applying for a vacancy on a Board, Commission or Committee, please complete the 2023-2024 COMMITTEE APPLICATION and submit by mailing/dropping off/emailing to:

Town of Fenwick Island
800 Coastal Highway
Fenwick Island DE 19944

Administrative Email

FAX (302) 539-1305