Town of Fenwick Island

Town Council

03/27/2020 - 03:30 PM

Audio from the 3/27/2020 Meeting

3-27-2020 draft meeting minutes

PLEASE NOTE:  Governor Carney has authorized public bodies to meet electronically in the interests of protecting citizens from the public health threat caused by COVID-19.  Therefore, this meeting will be held via teleconference. 

Phone number:  (832) 831-2424

Access Code:  169630

3-27-2020 agenda

For Discussion and Action

Draft Minutes

Treasurers Report

Town Managers Report

Department Reports

Committee Reports:

Ad Hoc Commercial District Planning – No Report

Beach Committee – No Report

Business Development – No Report

Dredging Committee – Dredging Committee

Environmental Committee – Environmental Committee

Finance Committee – No Report

Pedestrian Safety Committee – Pedestrian Safety Committee

Planning Commission – No Report

Technology Committee – No Report

Charter & Ordinance – No Report

We are asking that all attendees follow the rules listed below while on the teleconference:

  • If possible, use a handset (land line).
  • Mitigate audible distractions and background noise (pets, radio/TV, children) when possible.
  • Avoid side conversations or noise-generating activities (shuffling papers, eating/drinking).
  • To eliminate background noises, mute the microphone on your phone unless you are the one that is speaking.
  • Always identify yourself first before speaking and keep comments brief.
  • Speak at a normal volume; tone of voice matters too (speak clearly).