Town of Fenwick Island

Town Council

06/26/2020 - 03:30 PM
Location: Fenwick Island Town Hall
Address: 800 Coastal Highway
Fenwick Island

Council Meeting Audio 6-26-2020

6-26-2020 draft meeting minutes

6-26-2020 council agenda

For Discussion and Action

Operating and Capital Improvement Budget

#104-2020 Farmers Markets

APPROVED_Protocols for Phase II Delaware Farmers Markets_6.11

DRAFT Minutes from the 5-22-2020 Meeting

Treasurers Report

Town Managers Report

Committee Reports

Public Participants must dial into meeting:

301-715-8592, meeting i.d. 845 4086 7809
or if you prefer to use your computer: (PLEASE NOTE:  there will be no video available to see the Town Council).

If you wish to speak during Public Participation, please sign up NO LATER THAN NOON ON 6/26/2020 by calling 302-539-3011, ext. 204, or by email at

Please note:  each person will be given 2 minutes to speak and Public Participation will be limited to 30 minutes, so only the first 15 people to sign up will be able to speak.

Following the Public Participation segment of the May 23, 2020 Council Meeting, it came to the Mayor and Council’s attention that some people were apparently confused by and concerned about the rules being applied to that particular segment of the meeting.  Accordingly, the Mayor believes it is important and necessary to issue the following clarification:

The Public Participation segment of the Council Meeting is the time that the Town extends the opportunity to the general public to share with us your questions, thoughts, comments, concerns, and complaints.  Those wishing to come forward to take advantage of the Public Participation segment are provided two (2) minutes to share their thoughts, etc.

The Town is always desirous of hearing public comments and is, of course, interested in taking appropriate action in response thereto when the Council deems responsive action to be necessary.  However, the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and Attorney General opinions construing FOIA prohibit the Council and Town officials from actively engaging in discussion of comments made or taking action in response to comments made or questions raised when the issue or topic raised is not properly noticed on the agenda.

Therefore, in the interest of being as compliant with FOIA as possible, it is appropriate for the Council to passively receive comments and questions raised during Public Participation.  The Council and Town officials, as they have done in the past, will take said comments and questions under advisement, which may then lead to further communication with the concerned citizen outside of the meeting, discussion of the subject at a future meeting after proper notice of the subject on the agenda, or such other action as the Council and Town officials may deem appropriate and in compliance with any and all applicable FOIA requirements.