Go Green FAQs

Q: What is considered yard waste and how do I dispose of it?
Yard waste is defined as plant material that comes from lawn maintenance and other gardening and landscaping activities. For more information visit the Public Works Department page. Trash, Recyclables and Yard Waste

Q: What can I recycle?
You can recycle: Paper (newspaper, phone books, junk mail, magazines, cereal boxes and similar type boxboard, flattened corrugated cardboard, brown paper bags, paper gift bags – handles removed); Plastic (bottles – empty and rinsed lids removed, grocery and shopping bags); Metal (clean metal cans); Glass (clean clear, brown or green glass bottles).

Q: What can I not recycle?
You cannot recycle: waxed paper, aluminum foil, facial tissue, paper towels, butter tubs, yogurt containers, styrofoam, plastic drinking cups or lids, motor oil containers, pie pans, paint cans, scrap metal, lawn chairs, screens, window or door frames, window glass, drinking glass, glass cookware, mirrors, dishes and cups.

Q: Is the Fenwick Island Lions Club still collecting aluminum cans?
Yes. You can continue to support the Fenwick Island Lions Club by depositing your aluminum cans in the bin located behind Town hall and, during the summer, in the containers on the beach ends.