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Town of Fenwick Island


Pet Waste:

It has become an increasingly large concern in Town that owners of pets are neglecting to pick up pet waste.

Many complaints have been received by residents in various locations in Town that this problem exists on their individual streets.

In an effort to educate the public and address the concerns of the many residents that this is a growing problem, the Town has created an informational leaflet.

Dog waste disposal stations have been placed throughout Town and our Code Enforcement Officer has addressed this issue with several individuals.

Chapter 48 of Town Code strictly prohibits any pet owner’s failure to remove their pet’s excrement and further requires a pet owner to immediately remove any feces on public or private property.

It is unlawful to permit a pet to soil, defecate or urinate upon any private property within Town owned by any other person.

All residents are encouraged to call the Fenwick Island Police Department immediately if they witness such a violation; they should take a photograph if possible. During regular business hours, the Police Department can be reached at the Public Safety Building at (302) 539-2000. During the evenings or on weekends, you can reach the Police Officer on duty at (302) 542-8793.

The fine for each violation is $100 and will be strictly enforced.


  • All dogs must be licensed, vaccinated and kept on property owned or leased by the owner of the dog. All dogs must be on a leash and their waste disposed of. There are waste bags along Bunting Avenue.
  • Dogs (or other animals) are not permitted on the beach May 1 through September 30. Any dog (or other animal) found to be in violation may be taken into custody and turned over to the proper authorities and the owner fined.


Pet Safety Guide:

The Pet Safety Guide helps people secure their home specifically for pets. The guide includes tips on how to keep your house and yard in order, precautions to take when you are “out” and other helpful tips.

Our pets are multi-talented wonders who are undoubtedly part of our family. They’re also just as prone to accidents and hazards around the house like other family members.