Town of Fenwick Island




All necessary sediment sampling and archaeological surveys have been completed on the two East-West channels that have been identified for future dredging.  The town is actively searching for an appropriate disposal site for the dredge materials.  Please see the “Minutes” and “Agendas” for the Dredging Committee for current updates.


The Town, in conjunction with Century Engineering will be begin construction on sidewalks starting Fall 2022.


Commercial District Planning:

The Town has contracted with Jeff Schoellkopf, Architect and Planner from The Design Group, to conduct a plan for the design of the commercial district.

An Ad Hoc Commercial District Planning Committee was formed to review the suggestions made by Mr. Schoellkopf.

Below is information provided to the Committee at their first meeting on May 14, 2019.  Stay tuned for additional information as it is provided to us, and continue to check our website for future meetings of the Committee!

FIPS Meeting #1 and zoning review 051419

FIPS presentation set 051419

FIPS Commercial Districts Design Guidelines 7.16.19 DRAFT


FIPS General Noise Issues 081419

FIPS Dumpster Summary 081419

Sound Conversion Chart

All Weather Sound Panels – Acoustiblok Website

Outdoor HVAC Noise Solutions – eNoiseControl

FIPS Height Summary 081419

FIPS Setback Summary 081419

FIPS HVAC Equipment Summary 081419

FIPS Flood Summary 081419

FIPS Parking Summary 081419

FIPS Parking Lot Summary 081419

FIPS Landscape Summary 081419

sample parking lot landscaping pics 081419

Ad Hoc Commercial Planning Issues to Address 092519

FIPS Commercial Districts Design Guidelines Draft #2 012220


FIPS Possible Zoning Change Summary 012220