Public Works FAQs

Q: What is “Solid Waste” and how do I dispose of it?
Solid Waste is considered normal household trash which does not include certain large and/or hazardous items. For a complete listing of what NOT to include please see the following Solid Waste Service

Q: How do I handle yard waste?
The State of Delaware has mandated changes in the handling of yard waste. How to handle yard waste

Q: When is bulk trash pick up?
2014 Collection Dates are as follows: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5/27-29 AND Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9/2-04. Household hazardous waste will not be picked up by the town. More…

Q: What should I do with debris after a major storm?
Storm-related debris should be disposed of as quickly as possible. In order to facilitate debris removal, the EPA has proposed a list of guidelines. EPA Picking Up the Pieces