Terry Tieman #72 on Top 100 Local Government Leaders

The Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) annually recognizes the top 100 local government leaders with the Chris Traeger List.  Terry Tieman, Town Manager, was selected as #72 on the list!  Read more: https://elgl.org/2018-chris-traeger-award-71-to-80/

The Traeger Award recognizes the top 100 influencers in local government. Chris Traeger was the city manager for the fictional City of Pawnee, Indiana on the show Park and Recreation. He was known for extreme energy and commitment to improving local government.  The Traeger List is not based on title or longevity. It’s based on an individual’s influence in their community and professional associations.  Nominations were submitted from local government professionals from across the country. ELGL members selected the top ten of the Traeger List. The ELGL Evaluation Team reviewed and selected the remainder of the list.

Congratulations Terry!