Fenwick Island

Beach Patrol

Mission Statement:

To be an effective and well-trained beach patrol that provides a safe beach and swimming environment for visitors by using proper rescue, first aid and preventive lifeguard techniques as well as enforcement of all applicable beach ordinances.

The Fenwick Island Beach Patrol (FIBP) is certified through the United States Lifesaving Association that offers advanced training and lifeguarding skills. The FIBP is comprised of 28 men and women who utilize these skills to provide beach and water safety and also to compete at the local, regional, and national level.

FIBP hours of coverage for the public are 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM. This coverage extends from Memorial Day weekend and the first weekend in June, then starting full-time the second weekend in June through Labor Day weekend. Additional September weekend hours will be determined per weather conditions and staffing.

FIBP also enforce all Beach Rules & Regulations.

Beach Access Assistance:

The Fenwick Island Beach Patrol provides access to the beach with a vehicle used to transport people with disabilities, injuries, the elderly and other special circumstances on to and off the beach. This service is provided between 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM  from June – September ONLY.

To utilize this service, you may call the beach patrol phone at 302-462-6942 

  • After each transport, the vehicle will be cleaned with a bleach solution. Please bring a towel with you to sit on as we will not be held responsible for any damages to your personal property due to the bleach.
  • One person at a time will be transported.
  • Only the person in need of assistance will be transported (no additional family members).
  • The Beach Patrol cannot help you get in or out of the vehicle. A family member can assist you.

Since we are limiting transport service to one vehicle, there may be wait times between transports.  Please be patient!

If you prefer, the Beach Patrol also has 3 beach wheelchairs available.  To reserve the use of a wheelchair, please contact 302-462-6942 (June – September) or 302-539-3011 (October – May).  

All dunes in town are equipped with ADA compliant Mobi-Mats that are designed to provide accessibility to our beaches for pedestrians, wheelchair users, strollers, and individuals with limited abilities. The mats are specially lined with white stripes to allow those with visual impairments to use the mats as well. The Mobi-Mat allows for NONSLIP beach access, especially for slopes and beach inclines and remains nonslip during inclement weather.

There are four designated handicap parking spots in town which can be found in the beach end parking lots on E. Bayard St., E. Farmington St., E. Georgetown St., and E. King St. 

Lifeguard Stand Sponsorship Program:

The Town of Fenwick Island is offering local business owners the opportunity to advertise on lifeguard stands for the summer season. The program is an innovative approach to supporting the Fenwick Island Beach Patrol and promoting area businesses. Sponsors have the opportunity to purchase advertising on up to five (5) spaces available on the eleven (12) stands from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Please make checks payable to the Town of Fenwick Island.  Fill out the lifeguard stand sponsorship form or contact the Town Clerk for more information.

Junior Lifeguards:

All children must have had prior swimming lessons or possess adequate swimming skills. Although this program will provide some swimming techniques, this is not a swimming lesson. Children ages 9 – 15 are eligible for the Junior Lifeguard Program.

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Annual Town Bonfire:

The Town’s Annual Bonfire to benefit the Fenwick Island Beach Patrol traditionally takes place over the 4th of July weekend. Games and music for both children and adults are provided. T-shirts and other items are available for sale to help off-set the cost of attendance at the annual USLA National Lifeguards Championships in August. For more information regarding tax-exempt donations that can be made on behalf of the FIBP, contact Captain John “Ryk” Rykaczewski.

Competitions and Awards:

The Fenwick Island Beach Patrol competes annually in both local and national contests. We have received many honors and awards but none can compete with the satisfaction of doing our job well.

The Town of Fenwick Island is proud of all of its lifeguards and congratulates them on their hard work.

Fenwick Island Beach Patrol:

The Fenwick Island Beach Patrol welcomes your application! Try-outs are held in the spring and you will be contacted as to time and date.

Mail your lifeguard application to:
The Town of Fenwick Island
ATTN:  Beach Patrol Captain
800 Coastal Highway
Fenwick Island DE 19944

You can also email your resume to:  beachpatrolcaptain@fenwickisland.org

Beach Patrol Staff:

The Fenwick Island Beach Patrol consists of 28 lifeguards, two lieutenants, and a captain. The Town of Fenwick Island values the experience of its lifeguards. We encourage qualified guards to complete a lifeguard application.

Minimum Qualifications to Become a Lifeguard:

  • Minimum age requirement – 16 years old
  • Personal health and fitness – adequate mental and physical abilities to perform the duties of an ocean lifeguard effectively
  • Completion and passing grade on the physical tryout
  • Completion and passing grades on the semaphore test and training regimen
  • Completion of the Emergency Medical Response certification training
  • Doctor’s note verifying good health, vision and hearing


Each individual trying out for the Beach Patrol must pass the physical tryout. This includes several running and swimming events that test physical abilities and endurance. The tryout will consist of but not be limited to the following: a timed 1-mile run, a 500-meter swim, a 150-yard soft sand sprint, and a timed minimum of 30 push-ups and 30 sit-ups. Successful completion does not guarantee employment.

Contact Beach Patrol Captain, John “Ryk” Rykcazewski, for more information.

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