Town of Fenwick Island

Waste Collection Services

2022 January-April Solid Waste-Recycling-Yard Waste Calendar

2021 Solid Waste-Recycling-Yard Waste Calendar

GFL collects solid waste, recycling items, yard waste and bulk trash items (May and September).  

Residential property owners are assessed a fee on the annual property tax bill for the coordination and implementation of all waste collection services.  The fee for FY 2020-2021 is $269, or $22 per month, for all waste collection services. 

If you missed a collection, please call Public Works at 302-539-3011 and we will help resolve the problem. GFL will collect a maximum of 6 bags of solid waste on regular trash pick-up days.

Bulk trash is collected twice per year in May and September.  Yard waste is collected April through December (do not mix yard waste with bulk trash).

NOTE: Bulk trash has exclusions – yard waste and hazardous materials (i.e., paints, batteries, gas, oil, etc.).