Town of Fenwick Island

3/4 Vaccine Talking Points

There are now three vaccines on the market. Which vaccine is better? 

  • All three vaccines are equally important in preventing illness and death. 
  • They all are 100% effective in preventing death and hospitalization.
  • We don’t see any vaccine inferior to the other. 
  • When it is your turn, please get vaccinated where available, regardless of vaccine type.
  • To view a comparison, visit

Given Delaware’s size, it’s likely we will have vaccinated those who wish to be vaccinated before our border states will finish their population?  Is there a plan to offer vaccines across state lines at that time?

  • No. Despite our small size, our allocation is comparable to other states.
  • Delaware has vaccinated over 10% of our population so far. 

With the reduction in community spread and increases in vaccination, is the state developing a sense for when visitation can resume at senior centers and other long-term healthcare facilities? 

  • Visitation is now allowed in all three counties.

If I am offered a J&J vaccine, but would rather have another type of vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer), how do I get what I prefer? What do I do with my invitation? 

  • We recommend that people take the first vaccine available to them
  • There is no penalty to decline. 
  • If you don’t take advantage of your first invitation, you will get another opportunity in the future.

How will I know when it’s my turn for a vaccine? How do I find out where I can go? 

  • We are currently in Phase 1b of vaccinations. 
  • DPH and the Governor’s Office will announce when we are in a new phase of vaccination.
  • We will share the news on social media, with the media, with community leaders and grassroots organizations to help spread the word. 
  • Follow the Division of Public Health on social media for the latest information. 
  • If you are over the age of 65, you can go to or call 1-833-643-1715 to find information on vaccination opportunities. 
  • You can find more information about the vaccine at