Fenwick Island

2023-2024 Committee Participation Application

Please consider volunteering your expertise and time to help make Fenwick a better and stronger community.   All are welcome to participate.  Applications for committees can be picked up at Town Hall or downloaded below.

Please return applications to rmenominee@fenwickisland-de.gov by September 15, 2023.

2023-2024 Committee Participation Application

Typically, the committees meet once per month for two hours or less and meetings may be attended via Zoom or in person.  With the 2023 Comprehensive Plan completed, the committees have implementable goals that they will be working to achieve. 

The committees, chairs and a short description of the committee’s mission are below: 

  • Audit (Bill Rymer)—assists in the yearly audit of the Town’s finances.
  • Beach Committee (Jacque Napolitano)—plans beach related activities such as Fenwick Freeze and Annual Town Bonfire. Also considers enhancements to the beach including creating dune end trash enclosures and “Remember Me by the Sea” signs. 
  • Budget and Finance (Bill Rymer)—creates budget for the Town.
  • Building Review (Richard Benn)—reviews and approves commercial property building permits.
  • Business Committee (Kurt Zanelotti)-engages business community to sustain a vibrant business district.
  • Charter & Ordinance (Natalie Magdeburger)—reviews and recommends ordinances to maintain family-friendly community.
  • Dredging (Bill Rymer)—with testing completed and permits filed, committee is waiting to receive approval of permits and transitioning into starting dredging in the Fenwick channels.
  • Emergency Management (Natalie Magdeburger)—implements emergency management planning and oversees the Town’s response to storms and other emergency events.
  • Environmental Committee (Susan Brennan and Colleen Wilson)—is developing new park, Monarch Butterfly Way Station, at the north end of Bunting Avenue. Also, organizes Earth Day and keeps the Town informed of important developments related to the proposed Wind Farms.   
  • Information Technology (Lisa Lange)—committee developed design for new website and is creating document management system. Website is due to be rolled out in the fall with emphasis on making the site user-friendly with creation of on-line features that streamline easier access to information, forms and payment options.
  • Infrastructure (Richard Benn)—committee created 10-year street maintenance schedule and also oversees bayside flooding mitigation and resiliency planning. Those with engineering backgrounds are highly encouraged to apply.
  • Planning Commission (Susan Brennan)—finished developing Ten Year Comprehensive plan and will be overseeing the implementation of the goals identified in the plan.
  • Residential Concerns (Janice Bortner)—committee focuses on being a forum for residential concerns to ensure Fenwick remains a quiet, family-oriented community. Examples of initiatives and actions include request to prohibit sale of cannabis in Town, hiring of parking officer(s), Dark Skies initiative, Village to Village outreach for seniors, tree canopy considerations, forum on the Route 54 bridge and ensuring future commercial dumpsters are enclosed.
  • Pedestrian Safety (Ed Bishop)—committee worked on completing the sidewalks in the northern commercial district and will work toward implementing the goals and initiatives set forth in the “Safe Streets for All” chapter of the 2023 Comprehensive Plan including collaborating with DelDOT to obtain sidewalks in the remainder of Fenwick, re-imagining Coastal Highway and working toward enhancing crosswalk safety.