Doing Business in Fenwick Island

Contractor License:

  • Contractor License are renewable annually on January 1
  • Allowable hours of construction: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Saturday
  • No construction is allowed on Sundays and Holidays
  • Pile driving is not allowed from June 1 through August 31

Residential Rental License:

Commercial Rental License:

Merchant License:

Sign Permit:

Call Building Official for information

Comprehensive Plan:

Fenwick Island Comprehensive Plan compiled 2007 09 28 (large document)

Zoning Map

Building Official – Town of Fenwick Island, Delaware

2019 Fee Schedule


The Town of Fenwick Island belongs to and is active with the Bethany-Fenwick Chamber of Commerce. We encourage you to affiliate your business with this fine organization.