ParkMobile is here!

ParkMobile is a new parking permit app that allows you to obtain a parking permit for the street area without visiting the Police Department or kiosk!

Download the ParkMobile app, or visit  Once installed, you can purchase the permit over the phone if you find a parking place on a street (parking on white lines only and where labeled “parking by permit only”).  This app does not cover beach end parking, which is restricted to only the blue hang tags.

Here are the parking permit “zones” for ParkMobile.  While the sign for the zone may be listed anywhere on the street, you still must observe that parking is only where there is a white line and do not block any driveways or trash receptacle areas.

ParkMobile Zone # Street
7000 Atlantic Ave
7001 Bayard St
7002 Cannon St
7003 Essex St
7004 Farmington St
7005 Georgetown St
7006 Houston St
7007 Indian St
7008 James St
7009 King St
7010 Lewes St
7011 James St
7012 Houston St
7013 Georgetown St
7014 Farmington St
7015 Essex St
7016 Dagsboro St
7017 Cannon St
7018 Bayard St
7019 Atlantic Ave
7020 S. Carolina Ave
7021 Bayside Dr
7022 Oyster Bay Dr
7023 High Tide Ln
7024 Windward Way
7025 Ebb Tide Cove
7026 Glenn Ave
7027 Madison Ave

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