Town of Fenwick Island

Reorganization of Fenwick Island Town Council

The newly elected members of the Fenwick Island Town Council were sworn-in August 20, 2021.

The new council consists of Vicki Carmean, Mayor (not pictured); Jacque Napolitano, Vice Mayor; Natalie Magdeburger, Secretary; Paul Breger, Treasurer and Janice Bortner, Council Member.

UPDATE: Fenwick Island Town Council has selected the remaining members to fill the open vacancies: Bill Rymer and Richard Benn were sworn in at the September 24, 2021 Town Council meeting. 

picture of Richard Benn getting sworn- in by Secretary Magdeburger              picture of Bill Rymer getting sworn-in by Secretary Magdeburger

Your Fenwick Island Town Council is officially as follows: Vicki Carmean- Mayor, Jacque Napolitano- Vice Mayor, Bill Rymer- Treasurer, Natalie Magdeburger- Secretary, Paul Breger- Council Member, Janice Bortner- Council Member and Richard Benn- Council Member.