Town of Fenwick Island

FOIA Town Complaint: July/August 2018

See link below for information in regards to the Town’s FOIA complaint, as well as the Attorney General’s response.

Hurricane Preparedness

With the hurricane expected off our shoreline later this week, now is the time to prepare. If you have not already done so, prepare a hurricane emergency kit, to include water and food (enough to last at least 3 days), battery-powered radio, flashlight, first aid kit, extra batteries, and make sure your cell phone is […]

Mobility in Motion

Want to help shape the future of mobility in Delaware?  A web-based Needs Assessment Survey will be conducted until September 30, 2018.  Take the survey to provide input and enter in a drawing to win a $25 gift card: For more information, please visit the DART social media pages: Facebook:  @Dartfirststate Twitter:  @Dartfirststate Or […]

Board of Adjustment

In regards to the Board of Adjustment Hearing next Thursday, August 23rd: If you have any objections or opinions in regards to the hearing, please do not approach any member of the Board of Adjustment.  Direct any response or correspondence to Town Hall from Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., or you can email the […]

Visit by Governor Carney

On July 31st, Governor Carney, along with representatives from DNREC and Army Corp. of Engineers, stopped by Fenwick Island to observe the beach replenishment project. Thank you for visiting our Town!

Fenwick Locals 19944

This is a program to strengthen the relationship between local Fenwick Island homeowners/residents and local Fenwick Island businesses and merchants.  Simply stated, local Fenwick businesses supported by local residents, local employees and the Fenwick business community as a whole makes a better Town of Fenwick Island.  Fenwick Locals Program


See the link below for information the Town received in regards to the windfarm scheduled to be placed off the Delaware shore: windfarm info

Fireworks Banned

With 4th of July fast approaching, we would like to make everyone aware that Fenwick Island does not allow fireworks in Town limits per Town Charter C-26.D. and Town Code 73-3. Sparklers are considered o.k., but anything that leaves the ground (shoots up) are not allowed. Fenwick Island Police Department will be monitoring the area […]

No Animals on Beach

As a reminder, no pets or other animals are permitted on the beach at any time between May 1 – September 30. For other beach rules:  Beach-Rules-Regulations-brochure

Man-of-War Washing Up in Fenwick Island

FENWICK ISLAND, Del. – Some unwelcome visitors have been washing up on Delaware’s shorelines. Portuguese Man O’ War’s are a jellyfish-like species with a very painful sting, and Fenwick Island visitors claim they’ve seen them on the beach recently. According to the Department of Natural Resources, a Man O’ War’s tentacles can grow up to […]