Town of Fenwick Island

Police Department FAQs


Q: How do I get a copy of a police report?
The Fenwick Island Police Department has an established policy regarding the release of information. More…

Q: If my keys are locked in my vehicle, can the Fenwick Island Police open my vehicle for me?
No; however, the Fenwick Island Police Department will assist you in obtaining the services necessary, such as a certified locksmith, to unlock your vehicle.

Q: How do I contact the State Police for a non-emergency matter?
You may contact the Sussex County Communications Center at (302) 855-2980.

Q: How can I get community alerts by email or on my cell phone?
NIXLE is a Community Information Service that alerts you to public safety threats and community events via web, email and cell phone. Sign up at More…

Q: Looking for Disaster Response Information?
FEMA’s Website contains important information on how to prepare for natural disasters. This information is valuable for residents and businesses. Check it out! More…

Q: Can I get a Fenwick Island Police Department patch?
No – the Fenwick Island Police Department patch is not available to the general public.