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Town of Fenwick Island

Police Department FAQs


Q: How do I get a copy of a police report?
For a crash report, have your insurance submit a request in writing, including the case number and location of the crash along with a check for $25.00.

For a victims copy of a crime report, please send an email request to the officer who investigated your incident and your request will be processed.

Q: If my keys are locked in my vehicle, can the Fenwick Island Police open my vehicle for me?
No; however, the Fenwick Island Police Department will assist you in obtaining the services necessary, such as a certified locksmith, to unlock your vehicle.

Q: How do I contact the State Police for a non-emergency matter?
You may contact the Sussex County Communications Center at (302) 855-7801.

Q: How can I get community alerts by email or on my cell phone?

CodeRED is an emergency notification service by which public safety can notify residents and businesses by telephone call, text message or email about emergency situations. 

To register, click here

Or Text “FENWICKISLAND” to 99411

Q: Looking for Disaster Response Information?
FEMA’s Website contains important information on how to prepare for natural disasters. This information is valuable for residents and businesses. Check it out! More…

Q: Can I get a Fenwick Island Police Department patch?
No – the Fenwick Island Police Department patch is not available to the general public.

Published on: March 17, 2016