Town of Fenwick Island

Weed/Brush Upkeep

Dear Property Owner(s):
During routine inspections of Town properties, it has come to the Town’s attention that some properties on the east side of Route 1 have been permitted to allow the growth of weeds and brush without any kind of upkeep. The belief has been that as long as a cultivated lawn is not present, the growth of such weeds and brush are considered natural growth to the habitat and, therefore, allowed to grow without any type of maintenance.

This practice has resulted in many properties that are deemed to be unsightly and unsanitary or in any other manner detrimental to the welfare of the Town or adjoining lot owners.

Town code Chapter 120-1 states the “each owner shall be required to cut the weeds and grass on his lot(s) and remove rubbish which accumulate thereon. The predominant height of grass and/or weeds shall not exceed 10 inches. All areas shall be maintained so that no grass and/or weeds are allowed to grow in any area that is not an established lawn”.

The Town will begin enforcing this ordinance effective April 1, 2020. This does not include ornamental grasses but does prohibit allowing any weeds, commercial grass and/or phragmites to continue to grow with no maintenance. As stated above, any such weeds, commercial grass and/or phragmites will be considered in violation of the Town code if allowed to grow taller than 10 inches.

It is the intent of the Town to give property owners enough time to comply with this new enforcement of Town code. If you have any questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact me at 302-539-3011 or

Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation.

WEEDS LETTER 10-1-2019